Tom Mboya’s Mausoleum

Mbita & Rusinga Island

A child of Rusinga, Mboya was one of the few Luo people to achieve political success. He held a huge amount of influence as Jomo Kenyatta’s right-hand man and was widely tipped to become Kenya’s second president before he was assassinated in 1969. His tomb and a small museum dedicated to his life are on the island’s north side. The inscription on his tombstone begins 'Go and fight like this man…'.

To get there from the causeway and Rusinga town, take the right-hand road at the junction and, after around 12km, take the road off to the right with the sign pointing to Kolunga Beach. Turn right again about 50m later, continue straight for around 700m and, at the junction with the small sign to the museum, go right. It's the bullet-shaped (which symbolises the bullet that killed him) building in front of you. Entry is by donation – KSh200 should be enough. There are no set opening hours but the caretaker's usually around daylight hours and will quickly turn up to show you around.

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