Karaganda Oblast Museum


Displays at this regional museum run the gamut from stuffed local wildlife and a model of an Iron Age kurgan (burial mound) to letters from Middle Horde Kazakhs, offering their vassalship to the Russian Empire, and the creation of the 458km Irtysh-Karaganda canal in the 1970s to supply the city's ever-hungry heavy industry. There's a poignant section on KarLag and the Stalinist repressions of the 1930s. Guided tours (300T) available in English.

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1. Coal Miners

0.35 MILES

This Socialist Realist statue of two proud coal miners raising a huge block of coal over their heads is the symbol of Karaganda, the town that coal built.

2. Karaganda Ecological Museum

0.38 MILES

The Karaganda Ecological Museum, run by a dedicated, campaigning environmental NGO, is aimed at local schoolchildren and is the most imaginative museum in…

3. Yuri Gagarin Monument

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This heroic-looking statue of Yury Gagarin, first man in space, was erected in 2014 on what would have been Gagarin's 80th birthday to commemorate his…

4. Nurken Abdirov

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This dramatic memorial portrays a young Kazakh pilot, Nurken Abdirov – a Hero of the Soviet Union – defiantly gripping the steering of his plane as he…

5. Central Park

0.67 MILES

The leafy Central Park stretches over 2km from north to south, with a large lake at its heart. Its main entrance is off the west side of mid–Bukhar Zhyrau.

6. Lenin Statue

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A little out of the way, but worth seeking out if you're into your Soviet memorials, this large statue depicts Lenin rising upwards from a block of…

7. KarLag Museum

20.46 MILES

Housed in the old KarLag headquarters building, this poignant museum walks you through KarLag's role in the Soviet Gulag Archipelago. The repression of…

8. Spassk

20.72 MILES

One of Kazakhstan's biggest Gulag memorials, 35km south of Karaganda on the Almaty highway, Spassk was the site of a KarLag camp where foreign prisoners…