Entrance to Barrah Canyon, Wadi Rum, Jordan.

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Barrah Canyon

Wadi Rum

One of the most visited of numerous canyons that riddle Wadi Rum, this 5km-long corridor of rock through the mountains offers opportunities for hiking, camel trekking, climbing or simply napping in the shade and absorbing the special atmosphere of Wadi Rum’s hidden heartland.

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2. Kharazeh Canyon

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Kharazeh Canyon, one of the mighty incisions in Jebel Umm Al Ishrin, is a popular hiking destination. Guides and agencies offer a day hike (around seven…

3. Al Hasany Dunes

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While there are dunes in several places around Wadi Rum, the most striking are the red sands that bank up against Jebel Umm Ulaydiyya. If you are on a 4WD…

4. Lawrence’s House

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5. Thamudic & Kufic Rock Art

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6. Sunset Viewing Point

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8. Rakhabat Canyon

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Close to Rum village, the labyrinthine siqs of Rakhabat Canyon give access to the heart of Jebel Umm Al Ishrin.