Ramparts Walk


For a rooftop perspective of this ancient city with inspiring views at every step, try this shade-free walk atop the Old City ramparts built by Suleiman the Magnificent around 485 years ago. Two stretches are accessible, from Jaffa Gate south to Dung Gate, and from Jaffa Gate north and west to Lions' Gate, both gruelling in the midday sun. Temple Mount/Al Haram Ash Sharif's ramparts are off-limits. Buy tickets at the tourist office near Jaffa Gate.

Built from reused Jerusalem stone, some from Herodian times, it took only four years to build the walls, though nearly half of the towers were never finished.

One ticket allows access to both lengths of the ramparts over a two day period – both take only an hour or so each. It's worth downloading the free audio guide from wwwitraveljerusalem.com. The northern stretch is closed on Friday, while the southerly ramparts can be strolled until 10pm from June through August. A public bathroom is up the stairs just before you pass through a turnstile for the walk.

The section between Jaffa and Damascus Gates provides the best views.

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