The Mauristan, a Persian word meaning 'hospital' or 'hospice', has a 19th-century fountain at its centre and leads to two souqs (one full of butcher shops) that link to David St. The plaza was an urban market under the Romans. The Crusaders established churches with attached hospices here; one of them, St John the Baptist, still exists, although its hospice building is long gone. Today, lined by clothing and souvenir shops, it's a relatively relaxed and roomy place to stroll.

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1. Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

0.03 MILES

The square bell tower of this Protestant church, the second built in Jerusalem, has ornamented the Old City's skyline since 1898. The Church of the…

2. Church of St John the Baptist

0.04 MILES

This is the oldest church in Jerusalem, built in the mid-5th century and restored after the Persians destroyed it in 614. It is accessed from Christian…

3. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

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Four magnificent arches, their lintels richly decorated with Crusader crosses, herald the entrance to one of Christianity's most sacred sites. The church…

4. The Three Markets

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A trio of narrow markets near the Mauristan still inhabits the narrow alleys established here during Crusader times. The boundaries between the three…

5. Ethiopian Monastery

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Sequestered on the rooftop of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, this monastery houses a few monks from the Church of Ethiopia who live among the ruins of…

6. 9th Station, Via Dolorosa


From Souq Khan Al Zeit St, south of the Via Dolorosa, a stairway to the right (west) leads to a path looping around to a Coptic church. The remains of a…

7. Christ Church


Completed in 1849, this Gothic Anglican church has stained-glass windows decorated in Jewish symbols, and it faces Temple Mount/Al Haram Ash Sharif, as do…

8. 8th Station, Via Dolorosa

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A short distance up Aqabat Al Khanqah St from Souq Khan Al Zeit St, embedded in the stone wall on the left and marked with a red sign, is the stone and…