Ehime Prefecture

Shiroyama-kōen is the park surrounding Uwajima-jō; it's a pleasant place for a stroll, though get ready for some climbing and descending as it's steep in places.

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1. Uwajima-jō

0.04 MILES

Dating from 1601, Uwajima-jō is a small three-storey castle on an 80m-high hill in the centre of town. The present structure was rebuilt in 1666 by the…

2. Date Museum

0.31 MILES

The well-presented exhibits at the excellent Date Museum are dedicated to the Date family, who ruled Uwajima from the castle for 250 years during the…

3. Taga-jinja & Sex Museum

0.66 MILES

Once upon a time, many Shintō shrines had a connection to fertility rites. Of those that remain, Taga-jinja is one of the best known. The grounds of the…

4. Garyū-sansō

19.77 MILES

Across town from Ōzu-jō, Garyū-sansō is an elegant Meiji-period teahouse and garden in an idyllic spot overlooking the river. On Sundays from April to…

5. Old Town

19.88 MILES

Ōzu's old town is well worth a stroll, with a number of Meiji-era houses plus Akarenga-kan, a red-brick building constructed in 1901, which was originally…

6. Ōzu-jō

20.02 MILES

One of Japan's most authentically reconstructed castles, Ōzu-jō and its outlying buildings are original survivors from the Edo period. The castle is an…

7. Uchiko-za

23.38 MILES

About halfway between the station and Yōkaichi is Uchiko-za, a magnificent traditional kabuki theatre. Originally constructed in 1916, the theatre was…

8. Museum of Commerce & Domestic Life

23.45 MILES

A few minutes' walk north along the main road from the visitors' centre is the Museum of Commerce & Domestic Life, which exhibits historical materials and…