Old Town

Ōzu's old town is well worth a stroll, with a number of Meiji-era houses plus Akarenga-kan, a red-brick building constructed in 1901, which was originally Ōzu Commercial Bank but later became the town's police HQ. Several period television series have been filmed in the area and the locals are suitably proud. Old town is about 500m east of the castle.

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Nearby attractions

1. Garyū-sansō

0.24 MILES

Across town from Ōzu-jō, Garyū-sansō is an elegant Meiji-period teahouse and garden in an idyllic spot overlooking the river. On Sundays from April to…

2. Ōzu-jō

0.36 MILES

One of Japan's most authentically reconstructed castles, Ōzu-jō and its outlying buildings are original survivors from the Edo period. The castle is an…

3. Uchiko-za

6.67 MILES

About halfway between the station and Yōkaichi is Uchiko-za, a magnificent traditional kabuki theatre. Originally constructed in 1916, the theatre was…

4. Museum of Commerce & Domestic Life

6.81 MILES

A few minutes' walk north along the main road from the visitors' centre is the Museum of Commerce & Domestic Life, which exhibits historical materials and…

5. Ōmori Wa-rōsoku

6.93 MILES

Here at Uchiko's last remaining candle manufacturer the candles are still made by hand, according to traditional methods; you can watch the candle makers…

6. Yōkaichi Historic District

6.97 MILES

Uchiko's picturesque and protected main street has a number of interesting buildings, many of which now serve as museums, souvenir stalls, craft shops,…

7. Japanese Wax Museum

7.05 MILES

Within the Kamihaga-tei complex toward the northern end of Yōkaichi, the Japanese Wax Museum has excellent English explanations on the wax-making process…

8. Kōshō-ji


At the northern end of the historic district, you'll see signs pointing to this temple up the hill. It's just a few minutes' walk up to the giant…