Ehime Prefecture

Across town from Ōzu-jō, Garyū-sansō is an elegant Meiji-period teahouse and garden in an idyllic spot overlooking the river. On Sundays from April to October, you can partake in the tea ceremony (from 9.30am to 3.30pm; ¥400).

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1. Old Town

0.24 MILES

Ōzu's old town is well worth a stroll, with a number of Meiji-era houses plus Akarenga-kan, a red-brick building constructed in 1901, which was originally…

2. Ōzu-jō

0.59 MILES

One of Japan's most authentically reconstructed castles, Ōzu-jō and its outlying buildings are original survivors from the Edo period. The castle is an…

3. Uchiko-za

6.53 MILES

About halfway between the station and Yōkaichi is Uchiko-za, a magnificent traditional kabuki theatre. Originally constructed in 1916, the theatre was…

4. Museum of Commerce & Domestic Life

6.67 MILES

A few minutes' walk north along the main road from the visitors' centre is the Museum of Commerce & Domestic Life, which exhibits historical materials and…

5. Ōmori Wa-rōsoku

6.78 MILES

Here at Uchiko's last remaining candle manufacturer the candles are still made by hand, according to traditional methods; you can watch the candle makers…

6. Yōkaichi Historic District

6.83 MILES

Uchiko's picturesque and protected main street has a number of interesting buildings, many of which now serve as museums, souvenir stalls, craft shops,…

7. Japanese Wax Museum

6.91 MILES

Within the Kamihaga-tei complex toward the northern end of Yōkaichi, the Japanese Wax Museum has excellent English explanations on the wax-making process…

8. Kōshō-ji

6.96 MILES

At the northern end of the historic district, you'll see signs pointing to this temple up the hill. It's just a few minutes' walk up to the giant…