Goishi Kaigan

Northern Honshū (Tōhoku)

This 6km scenic stretch of rocky coastline and picturesque beaches around Ōfunato is home to a number of geological attractions, including Ranboya Gorge, a watery canyon with 30m-high walls that is navigable by boats on calm days. Nearby Kaminariiwa Rock (雷岩; Thunder Rock) is one of the officially designated '100 Soundscapes of Japan' due to the deep rumbling sound produced when waves enter caverns in the rock. Around 4km of easily navigable walking trails hug the clifftops.

Campers can stay at the beachside campground.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Northern Honshū (Tōhoku) attractions

1. Ippon-matsu

6.32 MILES

More than 70,000 pine trees lined the coastline around Rikuzen-takata until 2011, when all but one were destroyed in the tsunami. That tree, known as the…

2. RIAS Ark Museum of Art

12.86 MILES

High in the hills above Kesennuma, this local art museum houses the largest collection of photographs and artefacts in existence relating to the 2011…

3. Kamaishi Dai-kannon

20.21 MILES

In the hills above Kamaishi, this enormous (48.5m) statue of the Goddess of Mercy has witnessed much tragedy below, but remains a source of hope for…

4. Aragami Jinja

23.08 MILES

You may need to ask a local to take or direct you to this photogenic little shrine in the middle of a luminous yellow field of canola. If you're a…

5. Tōno Municipal Museum

25.92 MILES

With exhibits depicting some of Tōno's famous legends, this museum provides a good measure of background information and context for what's to come in the…

6. Tōno Folktale & Storytelling Center

25.95 MILES

Housed in the restored ryokan where Yanagita Kunio penned his famous work Legends of Tōno, this evocative museum has audiovisuals of some of the tales and…

7. Gohyaku Rakan

25.97 MILES

In the hills above Tōno, these eerie, moss-covered rock carvings of five hundred disciples of Buddha were fashioned by a priest to console the spirits of…

8. Unedori-sama

26.08 MILES

About 2.5km southwest of Tōno Station is Unedori-sama, the matchmaking shrine. According to legend, if you tie a strip of red cloth around one of the…