Kabira Bay

Top choice in Yaeyama Islands

Kabira-wan is a sheltered bay with white-sand shores and a couple of interesting clumplike islets offshore. Swimming is not allowed in the bay, as pearls are cultivated here, but there's no shortage of glass-bottomed boats offering a look at the reef life below.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Yaeyama Islands attractions

1. Yonehara Beach

2.71 MILES

On the north coast along Rte 79, Yonehara Beach is a decent sand beach with a good bit of reef offshore. Hire snorkel gear (¥1000) at any of the shops…

2. Fusaki Beach Aqua Garden

6.13 MILES

Nonguests of the adjacent resort can pay to enter this massive 'aqua garden' complex with a beachfront pool, bar-restaurant, yoga lessons and a huge range…

3. Tōrin-ji

8.08 MILES

Founded in 1614, the Zen temple of Tōrin-ji, near the intersection of Shimin-kaikan-dōri and Rte 79, is home to the 18th-century guardian statues of Deva…

4. Gongen-dō


Adjacent to the temple Tōrin-ji is Gongen-dō, a small shrine rebuilt after being destroyed by a tsunami in 1771.

5. Miyara Dōnchi

8.31 MILES

The unique home of a Ryūkyū kingdom official dates from 1819; walk north along Sanbashi-dōri until you see signs in English. The house is still an actual…

6. Ishigaki City Yaeyama Museum


This modest museum has exhibits on the culture and history of the island, which are quite well presented with English explanations. Notable among the more…

7. Kihōin Shūshūkan

9.62 MILES

At the west of the village, this private museum houses a diverse collection of local folk artefacts.

8. Taketomi Mingei-kan

9.63 MILES

This is the workshop where the island's woven minsā belts and other textiles are produced.