In the centre of the Kunisaki Peninsula, near the summit of Futago-san (721m), this temple was founded in 718 and dedicated to Fudō-Myō-o, the fire-enshrouded, sword-wielding deity. It’s a lovely climb up an uneven stone path, especially in spring or autumn, and there are plenty of subtemples to explore around the mountain's forested gorges. There's a lovely mossy stream and detours for hiking, especially when Japanese maples work their colourful magic.

Among the sub-buildings, Okun-no-in Hall has an unusual construction of a wooden front built around a cave. The temple offers unique ema (wooden votive plaques) with a cutout of a human body; use a marker to draw where healing is needed, detach, and leave the ema in a tray; it will be burnt as an offering inside the Goma-dō (fire hall).