Sarobetsu Wetlands


Part of Rishiri-Rebun-Sarobetsu National Park, these marshlands are 40km southwest of Wakkanai. Fields of wild flowers bloom here in summer, which can be appreciated from boardwalks built over the marsh. Infrequent trains on the JR Sōya line run between Wakkanai and Toyotomi (futsū ¥930, 50 minutes; tokkyū ¥1550, 40 minutes). Buses (¥380, nine minutes) run from JR Toyotomi Station to the Sarobetsu Wetlands Centre at 8.30am, 1.25pm and 2.50pm (June to September) and at 9.15am and 1.50pm (October to May).

There are also good views of Rishiri-zan from here – especially in winter, when eagles fly overhead and you can rent snowshoes from the visitors centre (¥500) to walk out over the snow pack.

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