Palladio Museum


To better understand architect Andrea Palladio and his legacy, explore the frescoed halls of this modern museum. Artefacts include historical copies of Palladio's celebrated Quattro libri dell'architettura (Four Books of Architecture; 1570) and intriguing architectural models of his lauded palazzi and villas, as well as video footage of experts discussing various aspects of the maverick's craft and genius.

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1. Loggia del Capitaniato

0.08 MILES

This is one of the few Palladio palaces not strictly open to the public, though as it is the seat of the town council, you can in theory take a sneaky…

2. Piazza dei Signori


The heart of historic Vicenza is Piazza dei Signori, where Palladio lightens the mood of government buildings with his trademark play of light and shadow…

3. Basilica Palladiana

0.12 MILES

Now a venue for world-class exhibitions, the Palladian Basilica is capped with an enormous copper dome reminiscent of the hull of a ship. The building,…

4. Museo del Gioiello

0.12 MILES

Vicenza's expertise in jewellery dates back to 600 BC when the Vicentini were crafting clothing fasteners, called fibula. This museum celebrates that…

5. Chiesa di Santa Corona

0.12 MILES

Built by the Dominicans in 1261 to house a relic from Christ’s crown of thorns donated to the bishop of Vicenza by Louis IX of France, this Romanesque…

6. Palazzo Leoni Montanari

0.13 MILES

An extraordinary collection of treasures awaits inside Palazzo Leoni Montanari,including ancient pottery from Magna Graecia and grand salons filled with…

7. Chiesa di San Lorenzo

0.16 MILES

This 13th-century Gothic church was built by the Franciscans. Its finest feature is the marble portal. The interior is rather spartan.

8. Duomo

0.18 MILES

Designed by Lorenzo di Bologna, construction of Vicenza's cathedral began in the late 15th century. In the mid-16th century, Andrea Palladio added his own…