Measuring only 7300 sq metres, Bottaro is the second smallest of Panarea's offshore islands. The island itself is of negligible interest, but scuba divers can explore the wreck of a 19th-century English ship that lies on the seabed beneath the narrow channel between Bottaro and neighbouring Lisca Bianca.

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Nearby Panarea attractions

1. Lisca Bianca

0.23 MILES

Only accessible by private boat, this islet off Panarea's east coast offers good swimming on a small white beach.

2. Lisca Nera

0.28 MILES

The smallest of Panarea's offshore islands, Lisca Nera is nothing more than a speck of rock protruding from the sea.

3. Dattilo

0.72 MILES

Reachable only by private boat, this dramatic islet off Panarea's east coast is best known for the pretty Le Guglie swimming spot at its southwestern tip.

4. Basiluzzo

1.74 MILES

The largest of the five islets off Panarea's east coast, Basiluzzo is given over to the cultivation of capers and can only be visited by private boat.

5. Spiaggia della Calcara

2.02 MILES

At Panarea's northeastern corner, this pebbly beach with full-on Stromboli views and jets of hot water escaping from undersea fumaroles is reached via a…

6. Spiaggetta Zimmari

2.52 MILES

This small stretch of brown sand backed by a steep overgrown dune, about 25 minutes on foot south of San Pietro, is Panarea's only sandy beach and gets…

7. Villaggio Preistorico

2.68 MILES

Dramatically sited on Punta Milazzese, an elevated headland surrounded by the sea, these round foundations of 22 stone huts are the only vestiges of a…

8. Cala Junco

2.71 MILES

Directly below Panarea's prehistoric village, about 45 minutes south of San Pietro, steps lead down to this gorgeous little cove with a rock-strewn beach…