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Some 18,000 items from the period 1880–1945 are displayed in the Wolfson Collection, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, decorative arts, propaganda, everyday objects and industrial design. Absolute eye-candy for 20th-century design and interiors fans, they also form an incredibly rich, and sometimes troubling, document of post-Risorgimento Italy's cultural complexity.

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1. Galleria d'Arte Moderna

0.05 MILES

This museum, set in the 16th-century Villa Saluzzo, displays the former Prince Odone di Savoia's collection, mostly works by 19th- and early-20th-century…

2. Raccolte Frugone

0.17 MILES

The 19th- and early-20th-century Italian collection here includes Edoardo Rubino's sensual marble nude Il Risveglio (the Awakening) is displayed in the…

3. Boccadasse

3.51 MILES

When the sun is shining, do as the Genovese do and decamp for a passeggiata (late afternoon stroll) along the oceanside promenade, Corso Italia, which…

4. Casa di Colombo

5.66 MILES

The reconstruction here is not the only house claiming to be the birthplace of the navigator Christopher Columbus (Calvi in Corsica is another contender),…

5. Porta Soprana

5.69 MILES

Three monumental gates were built in Genoa from 1155 as part of a defensive wall system. Porta Soprana is one of two that survived, Porta dei Vacca is the…

6. Palazzo della Borsa


A Genovese looker that dominates Piazza de Ferrari, the former stock exchange building is testament to Genoa's shipping boom in the early 1900s.

7. Piazza de Ferrari

5.73 MILES

Genoa's fountain-embellished main piazza is ringed by magnificent buildings that include the art nouveau Palazzo della Borsa, which was once the country's…

8. Museo d'Arte Orientale

5.74 MILES

Just east of Via Garibaldi, a path from Piazza Corvetto twists through terraced gardens to one of Europe's largest collections of Japanese art, bringing…