Mercato Sant'Antonio Abate


Running along ramshackle Via Sant’Antonio Abate, O’ Buvero is a hyperactive, rough-and-ready neighbourhood market peddling everything from fresh fruit and vegetables, to seafood, local cheeses and salumi (charcuterie). It's also an evocative spot to experience Napoli at its most intense.

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1. Orto Botanico di Napoli

0.09 MILES

Founded by Joseph Bonaparte between 1807 and 1819, these botanical gardens belong to the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. Dedicated botanists…

2. Chiesa San Giovanni a Carbonara

0.41 MILES

Sumptuous sculpture and Technicolor frescoes makes this Gothic church worth a detour. Andrea de Firenze, Tuscan sculptors and northern-Italian artists…

3. Made in Cloister

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Made in Cloister is a newly restored Renaissance cloister and exhibition space. Approached through a conspicuous door to the right of the Santa Caterina a…

4. Porta Capuana

0.43 MILES

One of Naples' old city gates, Porta Capuana dates back to 1484.



When Madonna and Child overload hits, reboot at Naples' museum of modern and contemporary art. In the lobby, French conceptual artist Daniel Buren sets…

6. Museo Diocesano di Napoli

0.55 MILES

Once a baroque place of prayer, this is now a repository for religious paintings, triptychs and sculptures, many from defunct churches. Notable works…

7. Porta San Gennaro

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Just up from Cavour metro station, a clamorous alley juts off Via Foria through the grey ashlar keyhole of Naples’ oldest gate. Ethereal images by Mattia…

8. Palazzo dello Spagnuolo

0.59 MILES

In baroque-rich Naples, even staircases can be an event and the masterpiece gracing the courtyard of this palazzo is one of its most showstopping…