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Art and culture

Travel throwback: Food, wine and Pinocchio in Italy's Lake District

13 min readPublished Oct 16, 2020

Beyond the glitz of the Italian lake district, we meet the locals who are preserving centuries-old traditions.

Villa del Balbianello, on shores of Lake Como.
Road trips

A time warp driving adventure in northern Italy

7 min readPublished Jan 31, 2020

Discover a uniquely Italian form of nostalgia on the Coppa Franco Mazzotti – a classic car rally from Brescia to Lake Garda.

A red Austin Healey on the roads of northern Italy
Road trips

48 hours in the Italian Lakes

6 min readPublished Jul 3, 2012

The Italian Lakes: the name evokes romantic images of twisty roads and James Bond car chases, palatial lakeside villas owned by movie stars, a daring…

48 hours in the Italian Lakes