Must see attractions in Tivoli

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    Villa Adriana

    The ruins of Hadrian's vast country estate, 5km outside of Tivoli proper, are quite magnificent, easily on a par with anything you'll see in Rome. Built…

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    Villa d'Este

    In the hilltop centre, the steeply terraced grounds of Villa d'Este are a superlative example of a Renaissance garden, complete with monumental fountains,…

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    Parco Villa Gregoriana

    This scenic park, laid out by Pope Gregory XVI in 1834, cascades down a steep, thickly wooded gorge overlooked by a 2nd-century BC Roman temple. Paths…

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    Rocca Pia

    Dominating the centre of town, Tivoli's castle has been a local landmark since Pope Pio II had it built in the late 15th century. With its formidable…