Parco Villa Gregoriana


This scenic park, laid out by Pope Gregory XVI in 1834, cascades down a steep, thickly wooded gorge overlooked by a 2nd-century BC Roman temple. Paths lead to grottoes and panoramic viewing points, including one looking up to the 120m-high Cascata Grande, one of Italy's tallest waterfalls.

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1. Villa d'Este

0.39 MILES

In the hilltop centre, the steeply terraced grounds of Villa d'Este are a superlative example of a Renaissance garden, complete with monumental fountains,…

2. Rocca Pia

0.51 MILES

Dominating the centre of town, Tivoli's castle has been a local landmark since Pope Pio II had it built in the late 15th century. With its formidable…

3. Villa Adriana


The ruins of Hadrian's vast country estate, 5km outside of Tivoli proper, are quite magnificent, easily on a par with anything you'll see in Rome. Built…

5. Tusculum

12.54 MILES

The remnants of ancient Tusculum lie littered on a hilltop a few kilometres outside Frascati – you'll need a car to get to the site. The main ruins of…

6. Chiesa Dio Padre Misericordioso

12.55 MILES

If you're a contemporary architecture buff, it's well worth searching out this modern, minimalist church in the suburbs. A Richard Meier creation built…

7. Cattedrale di San Pietro

12.62 MILES

Frascati is a long way from Scotland but it's here, in the town's 16th-century cathedral, that the heart of Charles Edward Stuart, aka Bonnie Prince…

8. Scuderie Aldobrandini

12.74 MILES

The former stables of Villa Aldobrandini, restored by architect Massimiliano Fuksas, house Frascati's single museum of note, the Museo Tuscolano…