Naples, Campania, Italy - April 29, 2021: Bourbon residence of Villa Floridiana seat of the Duke of Martina Ceramics Museum
Museo Duca di Martina & Villa Floridiana


Museo Duca di Martina & Villa Floridiana


The Museo Duca di Martina houses a beautiful collection of ceramics, with priceless Chinese Ming (1368–1644) ceramics and Japanese Edo (1615–1867) vases on the lower floor, lively Renaissance majolica on the midde floor, and more European ceramics (including some sumptuous Meissen pieces) on the top floor. You'll also find a smattering of paintings from greats such as Francesco Solimena, Francesco De Mura and Vincenzo Camuccini.

The museum's home is the stately Villa Floridiana, a not-so-modest gift from King Ferdinand I to his second wife, the Duchess of Floridia. Its lush, manicured gardens are worth the trip alone, with dreamy bay and city views, and a pretty little fountain sprinkled with tortoises.

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