Ya’ar HaAyalim

Golan Heights

Kids will love this gravelly tree-shaded hillside, home to three species of deer (from Northern Europe, the Himalayas and Japan), ibexes, 85cm-high mini-ponies that children can ride on, a petting zoo, pedal cars, five trampolines and a rope park with a 15m zipline.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Golan Heights attractions

1. Odem Mountain Winery

0.05 MILES

Keep an eye out for this family-run boutique winery's light, summery rosé (made with cabernet sauvignon and syrah), their cabernet franc red and…

2. Sha'al Fruit Picking

2.16 MILES

The orchards here grow four kinds of cherries, three kinds of plums and five kinds of mulberries as well as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and…

3. Nimrod Fortress

4.63 MILES

Built by Muslims in the 13th century to protect the road from Tyre to Damascus, Nimrod Fortress rises fairy-tale-like on a long, narrow ridge (altitude…

4. Banias Nature Reserve

5.26 MILES

The gushing springs, waterfalls and lushly shaded streams of Banias Nature Reserve form one of the most beautiful – and popular – nature spots in the…

5. Quneitra Viewpoint


From high atop Mt Avital, top-secret Israel Defence Forces' electronics peer deep into Syria, but the Quneitra Viewpoint, on the volcano’s lower flanks,…

6. Golan Volcanic Park–Avital


Quarrying into the base of Mt Avital, an extinct volcano, to extract gravel created an ugly scar on the landscape. It also exposed layers of volcanic…

7. Galil Nature Center

6.45 MILES

This museum's archaeology section focuses on nearby Tel Dan Nature Reserve, while in the old-fashioned but informative (and, in its own way, beautiful)…

8. Tel Dan Nature Reserve

6.98 MILES

This half-square-kilometre reserve, 1.6km north of Rte 99, boasts two major attractions. The first, an area of lush forest, is fed by year-round springs…