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Mitzpe Ramon

In Hebrew, the word mitzpe means ‘lookout’, and Mitzpe Ramon, spectacularly sited on the northern edge of Israel's 'grand canyon', well and truly lives up to its name. Views are of the take-your-breath-away variety and help draw artists and visionary people looking for a less pressured and more creative lifestyle. As a result, the town – especially the Spice Route Quarter – positively pulses with innovative energy.

The wide, open spaces that surround Mitzpe, far from crowds and city lights (the stargazing here is superb), are equally suited to those seeking solitude and visitors looking for an activity-triggered adrenalin rush.

Despite being in the heart of the desert, Mitzpe (as it's often called) is also one of the coldest places in Israel because of its elevation (900m above sea level), so pack appropriately.

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