Maudlin Castle

Kilkenny City

This substantial tower house, dating from around 1500, once formed part of the city's defences, protecting the approach from the east.

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1. Maudlin Tower

0.11 MILES

One of the surviving corner towers of Kilkenny's medieval city walls.

2. Kilkenny Castle Park

0.21 MILES

These 21 hectares of public parkland extend to the southeast of Kilkenny Castle, framing a fine view of Mt Leinster, while a Celtic-cross-shaped rose…

3. Butler Gallery

0.25 MILES

The Butler Gallery is one of the country’s most important art galleries outside Dublin. Small exhibitions featuring the work of contemporary artists are…

4. Kilkenny Castle

0.26 MILES

Rising above the River Nore, Kilkenny Castle is one of Ireland's most visited heritage sites. Stronghold of the powerful Butler family, it has a history…

5. National Design & Craft Gallery


Contemporary Irish crafts are showcased at the imaginative National Design & Craft Gallery, set in former stables across the road from Kilkenny Castle,…

6. Butler House Gardens

0.33 MILES

The beautiful Butler House gardens are home to an unusual water feature constructed from remnants of the British-built Nelson's Pillar, blown up by…

7. Medieval Mile Museum

0.33 MILES

Dating from the early 13th century, St Mary's Church has been converted into a fascinating modern museum that charts the history of Kilkenny in medieval…

8. Tholsel

0.35 MILES

Kilkenny's Tholsel (City Hall) was built in 1761 on the spot where Dame Alice Kyteler’s maid Petronella was burned at the stake in 1324 for witchcraft …