St Anne's Church

Cork City

Shandon is dominated by the 1722 St Anne’s Church, aka the ‘Four-Faced Liar’ – so called because each of the tower’s four clocks used to tell a slightly different time. Wannabe campanologists can ring the bells on the 1st floor of the 1750 Italianate tower, and then continue up the 132 steps to the top for 360-degree views of the city.

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1. Old Butter Market

0.03 MILES

Cork had the largest butter market in the world during the 1860s, exporting butter as far as India, South America and Australia. The Butter Exchange was…

2. Cork Butter Museum

0.04 MILES

Cork has a long tradition of butter manufacturing – in the 1860s it was the world's largest butter market, exporting butter throughout the British Empire …

3. St Peter's Cork

0.27 MILES

Housed in an old church, this cultural centre and gallery space houses a heritage display charting the history of Cork as well as changing exhibitions of…

4. Crawford Art Gallery

0.28 MILES

Cork's public gallery houses a small but excellent permanent collection covering the 17th century through to the modern day, though the works on display…

5. Statue of Father Mathew

0.33 MILES

The imposing statue on St Patrick's St, just south of the River Lee North Channel, is of Father Theobald Mathew, the 'Apostle of Temperance', who crusaded…

6. English Market


The English Market – so called because it was set up in 1788 by the Protestant or ‘English’ corporation that then controlled the city (there was once an…

7. Holy Trinity Church

0.57 MILES

The Holy Trinity Church was designed by the Pain brothers in 1834 in the honour of Father Theobald Mathew, whose statue sits just south of the River Lee…

8. Elizabeth Fort

0.63 MILES

Originally built in the 1620s, and serving as a garda (police) station from 1929 to 2013, this small star-shaped artillery fort once formed an important…