St Mary's Church


Dating from the 12th century, St Mary’s is a still-functioning Armenian church that was mentioned by Marco Polo. It was once the seat of the regional archbishop. Ring the bell if you want to look inside.

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Nearby Tabriz attractions

1. Fruit Bazaar

0.07 MILES

A burst of sunshine beckons you out of the warren of the Tabriz bazaar past whiffy fruit and delectable juices onto Motahhari St.

2. Masjed-e Jameh

0.16 MILES

At the bazaar’s western end an exit passage hidden by a curtain leads to Tabriz’ impressive Seljuk-era Masjed-e Jameh, with a magnificent brick-vaulted…

3. Constitution House

0.17 MILES

This charming Qajar-era (1868) courtyard house is historically significant as a headquarters during the 1906–11 constitutional revolution, but, although…

4. Tabriz Bazaar

0.23 MILES

The magnificent, labyrinthine, Unesco-listed Tabriz bazaar covers some 7 sq km, with 24 caravanserais (sets of rooms arrranged around a courtyard) and 22…

5. Carpet Bazaar

0.26 MILES

Inside the Tabriz bazaar, the mozaffarieh is one of the best places in Iran to buy a carpet.

6. Amir Bazaar

0.28 MILES

The surefire way locals protect themselves against inflation is with a chunk of the yellow stuff from the jewellery section of the Tabriz bazaar.

7. Shoe Bazaar


Within the Tabriz bazaar, whole laneways are dedicated to footwear.

8. Spice Bazaar

0.32 MILES

One of the best in Iran, Tabriz' spice bazaar has a huge selection of dried herbs, spices, natural remedies and henna.