Poets’ Mausoleum


Poet Ostad Shahriyar is ostentatiously commemorated by the strikingly modernist Poets’ Mausoleum. Its angular, interlocking concrete arches are best viewed across the reflecting pool from the south. The complex also commemorates more than 400 other scholars whose tombs were lost in the city’s various earthquakes. Take bus 116.

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Nearby Tabriz attractions

1. Qajar Museum

0.19 MILES

The elegant Qajar Museum is within the palatial 1881 Amir Nezam House, Tabriz’ most impressive Qajar mansion, with a split-level façade.

2. Quran Museum

0.43 MILES

The most intriguing exhibit here is the scripture-covered undershirt worn by Qajar monarchs during coronations. The museum is housed in the well…

3. Vegetable Bazaar

0.52 MILES

You'll find the produce section in the north of the Tabriz bazaar.

5. Coppersmith Bazaar

0.56 MILES

The sound of hammers echoes through the laneways of the photogenic coppersmith section of the Tabriz bazaar.

6. Shoe Bazaar

0.61 MILES

Within the Tabriz bazaar, whole laneways are dedicated to footwear.

7. Spice Bazaar

0.61 MILES

One of the best in Iran, Tabriz' spice bazaar has a huge selection of dried herbs, spices, natural remedies and henna.

8. Carpet Bazaar

0.64 MILES

Inside the Tabriz bazaar, the mozaffarieh is one of the best places in Iran to buy a carpet.