Qeshm Island

This picturesque village enjoys a long beach where hawksbill and green turtles lay their eggs between April and July. Residents of Shibderaz work in shifts to protect the eggs from predators, and you’ll be able to watch the action at night (from a distance, of course). The village is also the obvious base for those who want to visit nearby Hengam Island or take a dolphin-watching excursion.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Qeshm Island attractions

1. Hengam Island

5.17 MILES

This lovely island off the southern coast of Qeshm is surrounded by impressive soft-coral reefs that offer great diving. Hengam is also known for its…

2. Naz Islands Beach

13.06 MILES

This 3km-long golden strand caressed by clear, shallow and mostly calm waters is easily the most popular beach on Qeshm Island. In high season it's full…

3. Harra Sea Forest


In the local dialect, harra is the word for grey mangrove, and this protected area is the Persian Gulf’s largest mangrove forest – a definite must-see for…

4. Valley of Stars

16.3 MILES

One of the most spectacular natural sites on Qeshm Island, the Valley of Stars features a series of majestic gorges and canyons that were formed over…

5. Laft

17.23 MILES

This fishing village on the northern coast of Qeshm Island is the best place in Iran to encounter the fast-disappearing traditional culture of the Persian…

6. Khorbas Caves

20.51 MILES

In Qeshm Island's southeast you'll find this almost vertical limestone cliff pockmarked with caves. They are said to have sheltered local villagers…

7. Chahkooh Canyon

24.87 MILES

In the island's northwest lies this sinuous canyon seemingly carved into the earth by a master builder. The exposed rock and lack of plant life are quite…