Cheshmeh Ali


Very popular as a picnic place in summer, Cheshmeh Ali's centrepiece is a pair of Qajar-era pavilions facing each other across a reflecting pool. It's almost worth the savari fare for the beauty of the 30km drive from Damghan. (Parking is free.)

Though one of the pavilions is right at the Dibaj junction where savaris drop off, the entrance is 600m further towards Sari. Another 200m beyond, in an area assigned as a student camp, is a small, mud-walled fortress ruin.

To get to Cheshmeh Ali use Damghan–Sari buses (three daily) or take any savari (IR35,000, 45 minutes) bound for Kalat-e Roodbar or Dibaj. Getting a return ride can be more complicated, however, as vehicles will be already full on leaving those villages; ask your outbound driver if you can arrange a return pickup.

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