Qaleh Dokhtar

Southeastern Iran

Wrapping a conical crag in ruined fortress ramparts, Qaleh Dokhtar is a dramatic, if well camouflaged, castle. From its summit you can appreciate its dominant position – albeit it that seems rather pointless these days now that it is so far from any major settlement.

The nearest villages are the minuscule if delightfully photogenic hamlets of Haogand (3.6km south) and Aliabad (4km southwest). Slightly bigger Raqeh is 7km southwest via Asiyab Miyun watermill.

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Nearby Southeastern Iran attractions

1. Haogand

1.98 MILES

Home to just 17 families, the little farming hamlet of Haogand uses its mud fortress and several antique, mud-built domed houses as barns and animal pens.

2. Asiyab Miyun

2.09 MILES

The long qanat (underground canal) that takes water to Boshrooyeh is also used to power a series of antique, subterranean watermills. Asiyab Miyun is one…

3. Mostafi House

7.71 MILES

With its triple windtower and central fountain pool, the Mostafi House is Boshrooyeh's best-preserved historic building and an icon of sorts for the town…

4. Boshrooyeh Museum

7.76 MILES

Two of Boshrooyeh's historic houses are being restored for use as a private museum. As yet there are no fixed entry times, so you might need to call ahead…

5. Masjed-e Jameh

7.78 MILES

Dating from 1621, Boshrooyeh's distinctive one-iwan mosque of uncoloured brick is topped with a small, turret-like minaret on its upper dome. It sits on a…

6. Eresk

11.77 MILES

Opposite the single-iwan old mosque in Eresk you can see a few mud-built buildings, but there's a whole lot more hidden in an Old Town section that lies…