Southeastern Iran

Home to just 17 families, the little farming hamlet of Haogand uses its mud fortress and several antique, mud-built domed houses as barns and animal pens.

Haogand is 14km from Boshrooyeh, 4km off the Boshrooyeh–Raqeh road. An unpaved road continues 3.6km to the base of Qaleh Dokhtar via a historic subterranean watermill.

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1. Qaleh Dokhtar

1.98 MILES

Wrapping a conical crag in ruined fortress ramparts, Qaleh Dokhtar is a dramatic, if well camouflaged, castle. From its summit you can appreciate its…

2. Asiyab Miyun

2.29 MILES

The long qanat (underground canal) that takes water to Boshrooyeh is also used to power a series of antique, subterranean watermills. Asiyab Miyun is one…

3. Mostafi House

7.34 MILES

With its triple windtower and central fountain pool, the Mostafi House is Boshrooyeh's best-preserved historic building and an icon of sorts for the town…

4. Masjed-e Jameh

7.39 MILES

Dating from 1621, Boshrooyeh's distinctive one-iwan mosque of uncoloured brick is topped with a small, turret-like minaret on its upper dome. It sits on a…

5. Boshrooyeh Museum


Two of Boshrooyeh's historic houses are being restored for use as a private museum. As yet there are no fixed entry times, so you might need to call ahead…

6. Eresk

9.79 MILES

Opposite the single-iwan old mosque in Eresk you can see a few mud-built buildings, but there's a whole lot more hidden in an Old Town section that lies…