Air Terjun Saluopa

Central Sulawesi

If you have wheels you can visit this impressive, powerful waterfall that drops in stages through rainforest, 15km west of Tentena. The falls are a spectacular place for a swim, and you can hike through the jungle and alongside a plunging river for a few kilometres – keep an eye out for monkeys and hornbills. Guides are available to take you on full day treks deeper into the rainforest.

If you fancy spending the night here, simple wooden plank bungalows with a mattress on the floor are 110,000Rp.

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1. Siuri Beach

3.76 MILES

Around 20km southwest of Tentena, this golden beach by the lake has great swimming with a water temperature of around 26°C year-round. There's a…

2. Eel Traps

7.21 MILES

Tentena’s pretty covered 210m bridge marks where Danau Poso (Lake Poso) ends and Sungai Poso (Poso River) begins its journey to the coast. V-shaped eel…

3. Behoa Valley

20.96 MILES

The valley around Bariri village is littered with megalithic objects, including statues of human forms as well as massive kalamba (stone pots) and tutu'na…

4. Bada Valley


Seemingly scattered haphazardly around the hills near Lore Lindu National Park are some 400 ancient stone megaliths of unknown origin that might be over…

5. Napu Valley

27.26 MILES

Several homestays in Napu Valley make it a good base of operation for exploring the eastern side of Lore Lindu. A handful of megaliths in nearby villages…