Bada Valley

Top choice

Archaeological Site

in Lore Lindu National Park

Seemingly scattered haphazardly around the hills near Lore Lindu National Park are some 400 ancient stone megaliths of unknown origin that might be over 5000 years old. A fine assortment of these can be found – with a guide – in Bada Valley, 60km west of Tentena, including the 4m tall, anatomically correct, leaning Palindo.

While you can see many of the statues in one long day from Tentena, several villages do have homestays or guesthouses including Bomba, Gintu and Tuare.

To add even more adventure to your visit, consider a two-day trek over the mountains through the national park to Behoa enclave, where even more megaliths are found (as well as onward transport to Palu or Poso).