Pria Lot Falls


Signposted off the main road about 8km from Gapang are the Pria Lot Falls. It's a five-minute scramble over rocks to reach the beautiful waterfall, but you're rewarded with a superb swimming hole in a jungle setting.

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1. Gunung Merapi


Worthy of a stop when touring the island are the volcanic sulphuric fumaroles that steam and bubble from the rocky landscape on the side of Gunung Merapi…

2. Gua Sarang

3.25 MILES

This pretty cove is set up for families, with activities including swimming, snorkelling and a flying fox. The best views are from above, where there's a…

3. Llong Angen

3.52 MILES

This rocky beach on the western side of Pulau Weh is ideally located for sunset viewing.

4. Keuneukai Beach

3.54 MILES

Keuneukai has a nice beach in the south of Pulau Weh; however, given it's a conservative village, females will need to cover up if going for a swim. Give…

5. Japanese WWII Bunker

4.94 MILES

One of several remnants from the Japanese occupation during WWII, this bunker perched on the east coast of Pulau Weh looks out to magnificent ocean views…

6. Kilometer Nol

7.87 MILES

At the hilltop viewpoint reached by following the road 8km north of Iboih through the forest reserve, a gaudy 44m-high globe-shaped monument marks the…

7. Lampulo Boat

17.61 MILES

The most famous of the 2004 tsunami sights is the fishing boat resting on the house in Lampulo village, about 2km north of Banda Aceh and 1km from where…

8. Meuraxa Mass Grave

18.97 MILES

Near Uleh-leh port, this is the most easily accessible of the 2004 tsunami mass graves.