Pua Janggo

South Sulawesi

A 1km hike ascends 80m up a service road to Telkomsel towers and sweeping vistas of the cape. Look for the sign for Pua Janggo off the main road 500m north of the ferry port.

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1. Pantai Bira

0.73 MILES

Bira's main beach, just west of the village centre, is a glimmering crescent of white sand that is usually pleasant on the weekdays but gets packed with…

2. Pantai Panrang Luhu

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Pantai Panrang Luhu is a coconut-fringed affair north of the ferry pier in Bira village. Pinisi ship builders operate under the cliffs on the north end,…

3. Pasar Bira

1.06 MILES

This small but lively market is held in the village every two days, attracting locals and their wares from surrounding islands.

4. Pantai Bara

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Around 3km northwest of Bira village, this quieter crescent of white sand is fringed by low cliffs and palms. You can stroll here in 30 minutes from Bira…

5. Pantai Tanah Beru

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This bustling centre for traditional pinisi ship building 14km northwest of Bira gives you an inside look at how these massive Bugis sailing vessels come…