Mesjid Abdurrahman


The wooden Mesjid Abdurrahman stands north of the river where a cannonball reportedly landed after Pontianak's first sultan fired it at a pontianak (the ghost of a woman who died during childbirth).

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1. Kampung Beting

0.08 MILES

This redeveloped section of riverfront between the Sungai Kapuas and Sungai Ladak is a good place to explore 'old Pontianak', with colourful village…

2. Istana Kadriah


For an outing that will show you a bit of town, visit the wooden palace of Pontianak's first sultan on the east bank of the Kapuas; in a refurbishment…

4. Kapuas Indah Building

0.45 MILES

Speedboats to Sukadana leave from behind this landmark giant tin shed containing a chaotic market.

5. St Joseph's Cathedral

1.52 MILES

Pontianak's dramatic domed cathedral was opened in 2015, replacing the earlier 1908 church deemed not large enough to accommodate the city's Catholic…

6. Museum Provinsi Kalimantan Barat

1.53 MILES

In an imposing building this well-maintained collection of artefacts provides an informative English-language overview of local Dayak, Malay and Chinese…

7. Taman Arboretum Sylva

2.03 MILES

This small patch of Borneo jungle is a welcome relief from the urban jungle outside. It's a community project with an orchid garden and a boardwalk…

8. Tugu Khatulistiwa

2.59 MILES

If you want to stand on two hemispheres, you can formally do so here – though continental drift has moved the monument 117m south of the actual equator…