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Arguably the heartland of Javanese identity and tradition, Solo has a distinct character determined by the city’s long and distinguished past. As a seat of the great Mataram empire, it competes with its great rival, Yogyakarta, as the hub of Javanese culture. In contrast with its more contemporary and cosmopolitan neighbor, however, conservative Solo is less interested in courting foreign tourists, resulting in a refreshingly authentic urban experience.

Few visitors stay more than one night, which is a pity as there is much to explore. With backstreet kampung (neighborhoods) and an elegant kraton (walled city palace), traditional markets and gleaming malls, Solo has plenty of attractions. It's also an excellent place to experience traditional performing arts, as it attracts students and scholars to its renowned music and dance academies.

With a magnificent batik museum, Solo is arguably the best place to buy batik clothing. Batik cloth here is elevated to an art form.

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