Patan Patola Heritage Museum

Top choice workshop in Patan

Run by the award-winning Salvi family, this museum is an excellent place to see Patola silk weaving in action. The family has specialised in double-ikat weaving (a process that their ancestors brought from Southeast Asia) since the 11th century – yes, you've read this correctly! – and you can get a demonstration on the loom and compare the family's craft, including an elephant-motif sari that is considered the family masterpiece, with beautifully displayed single-ikat textiles from around the world.

The family mostly uses natural dyes, such as indigo and turmeric. Their hand-woven silk saris start at around ₹180,000 (US$2600) and can cost triple that amount, depending on the design. There's a three-year waiting list. They can also execute single-ikat weavings, which are considerably more affordable and quicker to make.

The museum is just down the road from the Rani-ki-Vav step-well.