Rickshaw traffic in Bandra on a hot summer day in Mumbai.

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Mumbai (Bombay) India

Explore beyond the city center in Mumbai and you'll uncover furious energy, unique bazaars, hidden temples, hipster enclaves and India's premier restaurants and nightlife.

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The Majestic Hotel, Lonely Planet, Portrait, Colaba, On Assignment, Asia, Bombay, India, Walks, Mumbai, Nikhil Mahashur, ©AlishaVasudev2023, Architecture, Alisha Vasudev, Maharashtra, Walkitecture
Architect Nikhil Mahasur’s Walkitecture tour draws both tourists and locals eager to know the rich stories Mumbai’s buildings tell.


Why this Mumbai architect’s Walkitecture tour draws locals and tourists alike

Apr 13, 2023 5 Min read


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