Balpakram National Park


Hilly Balpakram is traditionally considered by the Garo to be the ‘abode of souls’, where people temporarily go after they die, and is full of mythological associations. The 220-sq-km park is thick with wildflowers and butterflies in spring, and has some elephants and Hoolock gibbons, but is chiefly of interest to birdwatchers. A jeep road runs about 12km to a plateau, with some walking trails leading off it. Get permits from the forest office in Baghmara, about 45km west.

Baghmara's Tourist Lodge is the nearest accommodation. Other possible jumping-off points are Tura or Williamnagar, which has another Tourist Lodge. If you haven't come in a jeep, you'll need to rent one (per day ₹4000 to ₹5000) in Baghmara.