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A thriving, vibrant metropolis, Pune is a centre of academia and business that epitomises ‘New India’ with its baffling mix of capitalism and spiritualism (ancient and modern). It’s also globally famous, or notorious, for an ashram, the Osho International Meditation Resort, founded by the late guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.Pune was initially given pride of place by Shivaji and the ruling Peshwas, who made it their... Read More

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$98 Private & Custom Tours

Private Full Day Tour of Pune

Start your tour with a pickup from your hotel in Pune. Before you begin, your guide will go through the itinerary of your full-day tour.Your first visit is to Aga Khan Palace, built in 1892. It holds a significant role in India’s independence as Mahatma Gandhi and his wife were imprisoned here. Next visit the Pataleshwar Caves, an 8th century rock cut cave temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Spend around 30 minutes here then visit Raja Dinkar Museum, which holds over 20,000 objects with 2,500 of which are on display. The three-storey building houses various sculptures dating back to the 14th century. One part of particular interest is the "Mastani Mahal". Raja Kelkar made an attempt at depicting the palace of Mastani, (wife of the Peshwa Baji Rao I) with its remnants. Enjoy a delicious South Indian lunch at a famous local restaurant before we explore our next destination. After lunch, visit Parvati Hills where you will find Parvati Temple atop the hillock. This is one of the most scenic locations in Pune. The temple is the oldest heritage structure in Pune and was built during the rule of the Peshwa dynasty. Our next destination is Darshan Museum, dedicated to the noted Sindhi Saint and scholar, Sadhu T. L. Vaswani. It is a biographical museum that offers an insight into the life and therefore the teachings of Sadhu Vaswani. This museum has been made by using a vast palette of museum based technologies; like real life mannequins, graphic panels, holographic screens, interactive, audio-visual material, films, etc. To end your tour, your driver will drop you back off at your hotel.

$64 Private & Custom Tours

4-Hour Tour: Pune University Complex Cycling Private Tour

Start the tour after meeting your private guide at the University or at your hotel, depending on your preference. The guide will have your cycles and helmets and will be ready to discuss the program and the route. Savitribai Phule Pune University, one of the premier universities in India, is positioned in the northwestern part of Pune city. It was established in February 1949 under the Poona University Act and is known as the 'Oxford of the East'. It has about 307 recognized research institutes and 612 affiliated colleges offering graduate and under-graduate courses. The university attracts many foreign students due to its excellent facilities. Your guide will tell you more about its history and accolades. The university is identified by its monumental main building and its beautiful architecture. Its tower projects high into the sky and bears the flag of the University. It was once the residence of the governors of Bombay in the days of the British Raj.Next you'll visit the Center for Performing Arts, which strikes the balance between the rich cultural heritage of India and the contemporary sensibilities of young creative minds. You'll also visit the Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics, an autonomous institution set up by grants to promote the growth of active groups in Astronomy and Astrophysics. The University of Pune has a lush green campus adorned by a large canopy of trees and filled with colonial-era buildings. Cycle around enjoying the nature and architecture before heading to the canteen for a meal (own expense). Return to the main gate of university to turn in your cycles and equipment, where you guide will help you to arrange taxi or tuk-tuk back to wherever you wish to go. Hotel drop-off is also an option.

$62 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Tour: Full-Day Bird Safari Excursion to Bhigwan from Pune

Start this early morning tour with a 6am pickup from Pune Airport or your Pune city hotel by your bird-watching guide and private chauffeur.Your first stop is Bhigwan, a small village about 60 miles (110 km) away from Pune, and the drive takes roughly two hours. In the winter months, migratory birds flock to the huge Yashwant Sagar reservoir, which forms the backwaters of the Ujain Dam and is located by Bhigwan.Together with your guide and private group, you'll find the perfect bird-watching spot. Some of the famous birds you'll see include the ruddy shelducks, a large stork, the black drongo, the eurasian spoonbill, the red-naped Ibis, pratincole, and spotted owlets.After birdwatching, visit the hilltop site of Bhuleshwar, the famous temple of Lord Shiva. Originally called Mangalgadh, the temple was built in the 13th century. There are beautiful carvings along the walls that enhance its stone structure. Bhuleshwar has historical significance as it is the place where Devi Parvati danced for Lord Shiva, after which they went to Kailas and got married. Your guide will tell you more of the story.On your way back to Pune, you'll stop off at a traditional cane sugar factory. You can also stop for food, souvenirs, and anything else along the way, just ask your guide. At the end of the tour you will be dropped back off at your hotel or Pune airport.

$48 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Private 4-Hour Food Walking Tour in Pune

Join a local food expert in your hotel lobby or at the airport in Pune city on this private half-day walking tour of Pune. There will be more than enough time to sample the city’s culture and diverse range of foods from famous vendors. With the help of your knowledgeable guide, you will find all kinds of interesting foods to try at a local bazaar. Your guide will be on hand at all times to explain the unfamiliar dishes, and offer advice on the best food and drinks to try.Enjoy a stop at one of the very first fast-food establishments in Pune. The Marz-o-rin, is housed in a heritage building over 100 years old and its a favorite place for the locals to eat. Visit Kayani Bakery one of the most famous bakeries in Pune. The bakery is famous around the world because of its Shrewsbury biscuits. Everyone who goes to Pune comes back with huge parcels of these biscuits for their friends and families.Stop at the bunn maska where the chai has become synonymous to a scrumptious weekend breakfast for Puneites over the years. Try Ardeshir’s cold drinks which are the favorite soft drink of the locals for many generations. Visit Vada pav is India's very own tasty burger, it's a delicious snack of bread with fried potato and chutney. Go to Dorabjee restaurant a wonderful 134 year old restaurant in Pune all the of the foods served there are prepared on a charcoal using age old recipes. Next try Badshah, it's popular for its Faluda and fresh juices. The Faluda here is awesome, following the footsteps of its century-old recipes in Pune.When it comes to savoring the best ice creams or mastanis, there is not language barrier because the only words they understand there are "Um Um" and "Yummy". After the tour you will be returned to your original pickup point.

$25 Food, Wine & Nightlife

4-Hour Tour: Small-Group Culinary Walking Tour in Pune

Choose the department time (10am or 3pm) and group size (one to four, five to 12, 13 to 15) to suit your schedule, and then join your foodie guide and group in front of Barista Lavazza on Pune's MG Road. After introductions, set off to sample the city’s culture and a diverse range of foods from world-famous vendors.Head first to a bazaar, where your guide will explain the unfamiliar dishes and offer advice on the best food and drinks to try. Then, enjoy a stop at one of the very first fast-food establishments in Pune: The Marz-o-rin. This restaurant is housed in a heritage building that is over 100-years-old and is a favorite place for locals to eat. Continue to Kayani Bakery, one of the most famous bakeries in Pune. The bakery is famous around the world because of its Shrewsbury biscuits. Everyone who goes to Pune comes back with huge parcels of these biscuits for their friends and families.Stop at the bunn maska, where the chai is served to droves of Puneites every weekend at breakfast, then sample Ardeshir’s cold drinks, the favorite soft drink of locals for generations.For something more filling, try Vada pav, India's version of a burger made with bread, fried potato and chutney. You'll also visit Dorabjee, a 134-year-old restaurant that uses charcoal and old recipes to prepare all its food. Finally, try Badshah, popular for its Faluda and fresh juices. The Faluda here is some of the best you'll ever taste, and follows a century-old recipe.At the end of the tour, your guide can help you to arrange taxi or Tuk Tuk for your forward journey from here.

$48 Tours & Sightseeing

Private Tour: 4-Hour Walking Tour of Old Pune

Begin with a 9:30am or 2:30pm pickup from your hotel or Pune Airport, and then travel in a private vehicle to Shaniwarwada, where you'll begin your 4-hour walking tour with a private guide.Your guide will introduce you to the history of the city and the way of life during the Maratha Empire. After a brief orientation, you'll walk through the city and visit places of historical and cultural significance. Stop at the temple of Kasba Ganpati to see the Elephant God who is the patron deity of Pune. No new venture is started in Pune without this god’s blessings.Next, see Nana Wada, the estate of Nana Phadnavis, chief administrator of the Peshwa rulers of Pune. Visit, too, Lal Mahal, the past home of Chhatrapati Shivaji, and Tulshibaug, where you'll see the tall shikara of this traditional Vaishnavite temple. From the temple you can observe the homes and shops inside the courtyard and stop at the popular market for costume jewelry, knickknacks, and more.Then, experience the vibrant bustle of Jyotiba Phule Mandai, Pune’s largest covered market, which sells vegetables, fruits, prayer paraphernalia, utensils, clothes, and other unique items.After, see the Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati temple, and visit traditional bangle shops on the bangle sellers lane, adjacent to Jyotiba Phule Mandai. You'll also go to Burud Ali, where you can watch Pune’s large community of basket makers at work. The tour ends at Vishrambaug Wada, built by the last Peshwa Baji Rao II. There’s a small shop inside run by a local retailer that sells eco-friendly handcrafted garments, ornaments, and bags. After the tour you'll finish with a drop-off at your original departure point.