Caves 17 to 20


Caves 17 to 20 are simple monasteries.

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1. Cave 21

0.08 MILES

Cave 21, known as the Ramesvara Cave, features interesting interpretations of familiar Shaivite scenes depicted in the earlier temples. The figure of the…

2. Ellora Cave Temples

0.12 MILES

The saga of the hammer and chisel comes full circle at the Unesco World Heritage-listed Ellora cave temples, located 30km from Aurangabad. The pinnacle of…

4. Kailasa Temple

0.13 MILES

One of India’s greatest monuments, this astonishing temple, carved from solid rock, was built by King Krishna I in AD 760 to represent Mt Kailasa (Kailash…

5. Cave 15

0.19 MILES

Cave 15, the Das Avatara (Ten Incarnations of Vishnu) Cave, is one of the finest at Ellora. The two-storey temple contains a mesmerising Shiva Nataraja…

6. Cave 14

0.21 MILES

Cave 14, the Ravana-ki-Khai, is a Buddhist vihara converted to a temple dedicated to Shiva sometime in the 7th century.

7. Hindu Caves

0.22 MILES

Drama and excitement characterise the Hindu group (Caves 13 to 29). In terms of scale, creative vision and skill of execution, these caves are in a league…

8. Cave 13

0.22 MILES

Cave 13 is a simple Hindu cave, most likely a granary.