Alamgir Dargah


Emperor Aurangzeb, the last of the Mughal greats, is entombed in the courtyard of this simple (and somewhat unwelcoming) shrine. Despite matching the legendary King Solomon in terms of state riches, Aurangzeb was an ascetic in his personal life and insisted that he be buried in a simple tomb, which you’ll find in the courtyard here. While tourist are allowed, be prepared for some glares and insistent pleas for donations.

Buried deep in the pages of history, Khuldabad is where a number of historic figures lie interred in addition to Aurangzeb. Generally a calm place, the village is swamped with pilgrims every April when a robe said to have been worn by the Prophet Mohammed, and kept within the dargah (shrine), is shown to the public. Across the road from the Alamgir Dargah, another shrine is said to contain strands of the Prophet’s beard.

Khuldabad is usually included on Ellora day tours. Autorickshaws charge ₹150 from Ellora.

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1.11 MILES

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