Cave 5


Cave 5 is the largest vihara in this group, at 18m wide and 36m long; the rows of stone benches hint that it may once have been an assembly hall.

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1. Cave 6

0.02 MILES

Cave 6 is an ornate vihara with wonderful images of Tara, consort of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, and of Mahamayuri, the Buddhist goddess of learning,…

2. Cave 4

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Cave 4 is unfinished and not well preserved.

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Cave 3 is unfinished and not well preserved.

4. Cave 7

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Cave 7 is an unadorned hall.

5. Buddhist Caves

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Calm and contemplation infuse the 12 Buddhist caves, which stretch to the south of Kailasa. All are Buddhist viharas (monasteries) used for study and…

6. Cave 8

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Cave 8 is the first cave in which the sanctum is detached from the rear wall.

7. Cave 2

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Cave 2 is notable for its ornate pillars and the imposing seated Buddha, which faces the setting sun.

8. Cave 9

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Cave 9, located above Cave 8, is notable for its wonderfully carved fascia.