Cave 34


The final temple, the small Cave 34, also has interesting sculptures. On the hilltop above the Jain temples, a 5m-high image of Parasnath looks down on Ellora.

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1. Cave 33

0.04 MILES

Cave 33, the Jagannath Sabha, is similar in plan to 32 and has some well-preserved sculptures.

2. Cave 32

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Cave 32, the Indra Sabha (Assembly Hall of Indra), is the finest of the Jain temples. Its ground-floor plan is similar to that of the Kailasa, but the…

3. Cave 31

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Cave 31 is really an extension of Cave 32.

4. Jain Caves

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The five Jain caves, the last created at Ellora, may lack the ambitious size of the best Hindu temples, but they are exceptionally detailed, with some…

5. Cave 30

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Cave 30, the Chhota Kailasa (Little Kailasa), is a poor imitation of the great Kailasa Temple and stands by itself some distance from the other Jain…

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The large Cave 29, the Dumar Lena, is thought to be a transitional model between the simpler hollowed-out caves and the fully developed temples…

8. Cave 21

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Cave 21, known as the Ramesvara Cave, features interesting interpretations of familiar Shaivite scenes depicted in the earlier temples. The figure of the…