Cave 12


Cave 12, the huge Tin Thal (Three Storey) Cave, is entered through a courtyard. The locked shrine on the top floor contains a large Buddha figure flanked by his seven previous incarnations. The walls are carved with relief pictures.

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1. Cave 13

0.03 MILES

Cave 13 is a simple Hindu cave, most likely a granary.

2. Cave 11

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Cave 11, the Do Thal (Two Storey) Cave, is entered through its third basement level (undiscovered until 1876). Like Cave 12, it possibly owes its size to…

3. Hindu Caves

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Drama and excitement characterise the Hindu group (Caves 13 to 29). In terms of scale, creative vision and skill of execution, these caves are in a league…

4. Cave 14

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Cave 14, the Ravana-ki-Khai, is a Buddhist vihara converted to a temple dedicated to Shiva sometime in the 7th century.

5. Cave 10

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Cave 10 is the only chaitya in the Buddhist group and one of the finest in India. Its ceiling features ribs carved into the stonework; the grooves were…

6. Cave 15

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Cave 15, the Das Avatara (Ten Incarnations of Vishnu) Cave, is one of the finest at Ellora. The two-storey temple contains a mesmerising Shiva Nataraja…

7. Cave 9

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Cave 9, located above Cave 8, is notable for its wonderfully carved fascia.

8. Cave 8

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Cave 8 is the first cave in which the sanctum is detached from the rear wall.