The ruined Sinhagad, about 24km southwest of Pune, was wrested by Maratha leader Shivaji from the Bijapur kings in 1670. In the epic battle (where he lost his son Sambhaji), Shivaji is said to have used monitor lizards yoked with ropes to scale the fort’s craggy walls.

Today, it’s in a poor state, but worth visiting for the sweeping views and opportunity to hike in the hills.

Sinhagad is an easy day trip from Pune so there is little reason to eat or sleep here. That said, there are a good deal of hotels and resorts (with restaurants) in the surrounding areas and near Lake Khadakwasla, though the road to the fort itself is virtually empty.

Bus 50 or 52 runs frequently to Donje (Golewadi) village from Shankar Sheth Rd near Swargate bus stand i9n Pune (₹30, 45 minutes, every 30 minutes, 5.20am to 9.30pm), from where it's a 4km hike if you want to walk or catch a shared 4WD (₹60) that can cart you 10km to the base of the summit.

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