Tagore Statue

Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh

Monument to a great Indian writer.

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3. Gandhi Hall


This gorgeous red-stone, Indo-Gothic city hall was built in 1904 and originally called King Edward’s Hall. It still looms like a ghost of the Raj, despite…

5. Central Museum

1.46 MILES

This museum has a good (despite its utterly uninspiring presentation) collection of medieval (and earlier) Hindu sculptures, along with tools, weaponry…

6. Rajwada

1.74 MILES

The Holkars' original Indore palace, begun in 1749, is currently undergoing major renovations and is closed to the public. The temple in its rear, however…

7. Lal Bagh Palace

2.86 MILES

Built between 1886 and 1921, Lal Bagh is the finest building left by the Holkar dynasty. As was the fashion among many of the late-Raj-era Indian nobility…