Miskhal Masjid

Kozhikode (Calicut)

Around 2km southwest of Mananchira Sq, this 650-year-old mosque is an attractive (mostly) wooden four-storey building supported by impressive wooden pillars, topped by traditional sloping-tile roofs and painted in brilliant aquamarine, blue and white. It was partly rebuilt after being damaged by the Portuguese in 1510. Non-Muslims can admire the exterior only.

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Nearby Kozhikode (Calicut) attractions

1. Mananchira Square

0.67 MILES

The former courtyard of the Zamorins, this large central park still preserves its original spring-fed tank.

2. Tali Temple

0.78 MILES

Dating back to the 14th century but restored in the 18th century, Calicut's major temple is dedicated to Shiva and open only to Hindus.

3. Church of South India

0.78 MILES

This bright-white church opposite Mananchira Sq was established by Swiss missionaries in 1842; its unique European-Keralan architecture features a three…

4. Calicut Beach

0.83 MILES

The city beach, 1km west of the city centre, is enjoyable for a sunset promenade stroll but not really a place for swimming.

5. Pookot Lake

26.64 MILES

Around 3km southwest of Vythiri (10km southwest of Kalpetta), Pookot Lake is a beautiful mirror framed by forest. With well-maintained gardens, a cafe, a…