Paradise Beach


Lovely, isolated Paradise Beach is a mix of sand and rocks, and a haven for the long-term ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’ crowd. It's around a 45-minute walk from the southern end of Om Beach (the coastal path here passes Half Moon Bay on the way); there's no road access. Every season local entrepreneurs rig up huts (around ₹300), but the local government routinely tears them down, so it's pot luck whether you'll find a place to stay.

If you have a hammock or tent the beach is a great choice for total isolation. BYO supplies, though.

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1. Half Moon Bay

0.41 MILES

Small, attractive cove with a lovely sweep of powdery sand and basic hut accommodation. There's no road to this beach, only a path. It's about a 20-minute…

2. Om Beach

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One of Karnataka's best beaches, Gokarna has a famous stretch of sand that twists and turns over several kilometres to resemble the outline of an Om…

3. Kudle Beach

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4. Koorti Teertha

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A large temple tank where locals, pilgrims and immaculately dressed Brahmins perform their ablutions.

5. Mahaganapati Temple

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6. Mahabaleshwara Temple

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7. Gokarna Beach

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Gokarna’s main town beach isn’t clean and isn't good for casual bathing. The main section is popular with domestic tourists, but if you walk away from…