Jala Manzil


Within the citadel is the delicate Jala Manzil, once a water pavilion surrounded by secluded courts and gardens.

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1. Gagan Mahal

0.05 MILES

The most impressive of the remaining fragments in the citadel is the colossal archway of Gagan Mahal, built by Ali Adil Shah I around 1561 as a dual…

2. Sat Manzil

0.06 MILES

The ruins of Mohammed Adil Shah’s seven-storey palace, the Sat Manzil is one of several evocative sites in the citadel.

3. Citadel

0.11 MILES

Surrounded by fortified walls and a wide moat, the citadel once contained the palaces, pleasure gardens and durbar (royal court) of the Adil Shahi kings…

4. Bara Kaman

0.29 MILES

Within the citadel are the graceful arches of Bara Kaman, the ruined mausoleum of Ali Adil Shah II (Ali Roza). The structure was never finished, and dates…

5. Central Market

0.32 MILES

This lively market is an explosion of colour and scent, with flowers, spices and fresh produce for sale.

6. Asar Mahal

0.34 MILES

Built by Mohammed Adil Shah in about 1646 to serve as a hall of justice, the graceful Asar Mahal once housed two hairs from Prophet Mohammed’s beard. The…

7. Jod Gumbad

0.38 MILES

In the southwest of the city, off Bagalkot Rd, stand the twin Jod Gumbad tombs, with handsome bulbous domes. An Adil Shahi general and his spiritual…

8. Mihtar Mahal

0.39 MILES

The crumbling but richly decorated Mihtar Mahal serves as an ornamental gateway to a small mosque.